Update History

11.13.03 > Removed email list to prevent spam.
Photo album link now goes to the Gallery.
05.14.02 > Elsa updated Kids section to consolidate navigation into years.
12.30.01 > Elsa updated her home page - TeLohTubbies!
Lohcentral server moved to BroHost.
06.27.01 > Elsa updated her home page - photos of her family and travels.
Ken updated his home page - portfolio is now active and added link to the vault.
05.30.01 > Updated Emily's phone numbers and Ken's efax number on the Cousins page.
05.28.01 > Elsa Updated Kids page. Slight Revision to Home Page. Message Board added.
Updated Ken's page.
05.25.01 > Added Ed & Lani Jai's email to the email list.
05.23.01 > Moved Lohcentral to a new server. Finally back online after a long absense!!!
Elsa has been keeping the kids page current over the past couple of months.
12.31.00 > Updated Kids page. Added Lisa to Loh Family Tree
09.23.00 > Combined Kyle and Twins pages into one Kids Section with updated photos.
09.04.00 > Added email addresses for Elsa's New York Cousins, John & Janice Alatzas and Betty Chen.
Added New Yorkrelatives to Lay (Kam) Family Tree and added Shum Family Tree.
08.05.00 > Added second page of pics for the twins. Added twin thumbnails to Family Trees.
Added Hui-kheng's and Ingram's emails to the email list.
08.03.00 > Updated Ken's address & phone number on the Cousins Info page.
07.29.00 > Added Twin info and first photos.
06.21.00 > Updated Brian's email address.
06.15.00 > Replaced Ben's home page image.
06.05.00 > Created link to Leng's section. Lots of content including stories, recipies, photos, etc.
Ben changed his homepage design.
05.04.00 > Added photos to the Su and Loh Family Trees.
Revised Kyle's page to condense photos and include 18-month picture.
04.15.00 > Added 22 week sonograms of the twins.
04.04.00 > Added links to Cousins Bio pages created by Dave.
03.28.00 > Added link to Dave's Taiwan 2000 Photo Album in the Photos Section.
03.24.00 > Added 3rd Sonogram photos of the twins and updated their info pages.
03.23.00 > Updated Ernest's email address and fixed "age order" of cousins.
03.16.00 > Removed update list from Home Page.
Updated Paul & Wendy's email.
Removed "mailto" link from updated family tree photos
03.14.00 > Updated email list to include Eiri, Ernest, & Tomo
03.13.00 > Added Cousins 2000 page to Relatives section.
Added photos to Su Family Tree
03.03.00 > Added Jason, John and Brian's email addresses.
03.01.00 > Added 16-month photos to Kyle's page
02.26.00 > Updated email list > Added: Tony, June, An-leng, Teru, Tsu-bin; Updated: Hi-Chong and Wendy
02.25.00 > Updated twins info and added 2nd Sonogram
02.07.00 > Added 15-month photos to Kyle's page
02.07.00 > Added Family Twin History. Looks like it shouldn't have been such a surprise afterall!
01.28.00 > lohcentral URL live & Family Trees updated again with Dad's input
01.23.00 > Revised Family Trees - Fixed sibling order of Baby Boomer generation, but position of Aunt 3 on Su side still in question.
01.22.00 > Site Launched